Azur Water World

Address: Schernauer Strasse 50, 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach
Phone: +49 (6371) 71500

The AZUR Water World is a family-friendly indoor and outdoor pool providing year-round recreation for people of all ages. The indoor area is equipped with a swimmers‘ pool of 25 meters length, a non-swimmers‘ pool with massage jets and a waterfall shower, a giant slide, and a well-spaced area for kids. This area includes a water playground, a Jacuzzi, a steam bath, a sauna area offering scented steam treatments, and a restaurant. Outdoor you find a large 50 meters pool with diving platforms, a giant slide as well as a baby and kid’s pool. The heated outdoor basin can be used in the winter months as well.

Opening hours:
The opening hours depend on the season. Please check the website for further information on opening hours, admission fees, and current Corona restrictions!

Entrance of AZUR Water World Ramstein
Outdoor area of Azur Water World
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Congress Center Ramstein - CCR

Address: Am Neuen Markt 4, 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach
Phone: +49 (6371) 592 220

The Congress Center Ramstein (formerly known as Haus des Bürgers) opened in 1986 and is located right in Ramstein’s city center. In the conference area, there are adaptable rooms equipped with the latest conference technology and up to 800 seats, which offer great opportunities for regional and supra-regional conferences, congresses, seminars, exhibitions, family and work celebrations, as well as cultural and social events of all kinds. The in-house restaurant “Bühne Backstage – Backstage“ provides the right catering for every event – whether it is a conference, fair, wedding, or private celebration. In addition to the banquet area, the restaurant itself offers a lounge area, an adjacent room, and an outdoor terrace. The varied stage program of the Congress Center including comedy, concerts, musicals, plays, open airs, dinner events, and programs for kids attracts visitors of all ages. Major annual events such as the Ramstein Summer Nights, the German-American Friendship Festival, and the Ramstein Oktoberfest are organized by the Congress Center Team. Tickets for in-house events as well as further events throughout Germany can be purchased at the service center. Bus and train tickets, as well as information and flyers about leisure activities in the local area, are available here. The facility also accommodates the German post office and the public library, providing a comprehensive collection of up-to-date media.

Opening hours Service Center:
Monday to Friday 9.30 a.m. – 12.30 p.m. and 2.00 p.m. – 5.30 p.m.

Building Congress Center Ramstein
Congress Center Ramstein Wedding Decoration
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Seewoog Lake - Recreation Area

Address: Waldstrasse, 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach/ District Miesenbach

Already in maps dating from 1847 the Seewoog is designated as one of several lakes in Ramstein and Miesenbach. The Seewoog was used as a swimming pond as well as for ice skating in winter. The first development measures to turn it into a local recreation area took place in 1971. Extensive construction works began in 2018. According to suggestions from citizens, a design and utilization concept as well as an accompanying ecological plan were drawn up and implemented within two years at a cost of 1.6 million Euros with financial support of the European Union.

Today, the recreation area around the Seewoog includes many offers: from the biotope in the east through to the western part of the recreation area with lake patio, restaurant, Kneipp water-treading basin, children´s and water playground, picnic area, barbecue area, e-bike charging station and RV sites – all accessible barrier-free!

Fountain on Seewoog Lake in Miesenbach
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Broadway Kino – Movie Theater

Address: Merkustrasse 9, 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach
Phone: +49 (6371) 93 70 37

At Broadwaykino you can enjoy the movies at six theaters with a total of 1.500 seats. All theaters have the most modern sound and projection equipment. A broad variety of the latest movies are shown in English, and dollars are accepted. The spacious lobby with a piano bar contributes to the perfect atmosphere. A huge parking lot with over 500 spaces is available as well.

Broadway Kino Movie Theater
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Pfadfinderzentrum Kurpfalz – Scout Center

Address: Im Ramsteiner Feld 3, 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach
Phone: +49 (6371) 58 472

The “Kurpfalz” Scout Center is a regular host to boy scouts and girl scouts from all over Germany. The ample site consists of a house with kitchen, bathrooms, common room, and beds for 40 people as well as a campsite for 300 people. It is rented out to groups and associations.

Kurpfalz Scout Center
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Mehrgenerationenhaus – Multi-Generation House, Youth Community Center

Address: Landstuhler Strasse 8a, 66877 Ramstein-Miesenbach
Phone: +49 (6371) 50 438

Open house for teens, youth & social work. It also organizes leisure time offerings, holiday programs for kids, and an internet café.

Opening hours:
Monday and Tuesday 10.30 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.
Wednesday 8.30 a.m. – 3.00 p.m.
Thursday and Friday 10.30 a.m. – 6.00 p.m.

Multi Generation House Ramstein
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Pfälzer Seentour - Bike Trail

Local trail leading along Ramstein-Miesenbach, Steinwenden, Niedermohr, Glan-Münchweiler, Schönenberg-Kübelberg, Waldmohr, Bruchmühlbach-Miesau, Hauptstuhl, Landstuhl, Kindsbach
Length: 62 kilometers
Phone: +49 (6371) 406 208

The “Pfälzer Seentour” presents the waters of the region in all their diver­sity. The 62 kilometers route (38.5 miles) is designated as a loop trail that leads through the Western Palatinate. Water is the connecting and characteri­zing element. While cycling through tranquil nature reserves such as “Schachenwald” or “Westpfälzische Moorniede­rung” the motto is: Enjoy nature and marvel at the biologi­cal diversity. The “Heimerbrühl” nature reserve along the romantic Glan river pleases mind and soul with glittering water features. Shady forest passages, open meadows, burbling streams, villages with a varied history and of course the lakes await the cyclists to discover or relax.

With a water surface of approximately 15 hectares, the Ohmbachsee lake is the largest contiguous water area in the Western Palatinate and a highlight of the tour. A pedal boat rental, a water playground, and many picnic areas in­vite the visitors to stay.

The Kranichwoog lake near Hütschenhausen is a great place to observe water buffalos and wild birds. The Silber­see lake near Kindsbach, primarily used by the fishing club, offers the perfect idyll. Thanks to the Kneipp water-treading basin and water playground, diversion and cooling can be found at the Seewoog recreation area in Miesenbach. Further water areas along the route are the Mohrmühlweiher pond near Waldmohr and the Angelweiher pond of the fish-ing club near Bruchmühlbach-Miesau. Those who want to swim in a lake can take a detour (follow “Sickinger Mühlenweg” for 2 kilometers) to reach the only bathing lake in the region: the Bärenlochweiher pond in Kindsbach.

Due to the predominantly flat course, the tour is particularly suitable for families, leisure cyclists, and nature lovers. Culinary delights of the Palatinate region can be sampled at the various restaurants along the “Pfälzer Seentour”.

Advice: 10 train stations along the route offer the best options to get here and take shortcuts. In addition, the tour can be shortened, diversified, and extended again and again via crosslinks or adjacent cycling routes

Barbarossa-Radweg - Bike Trail

Locally the trail leads along Kaiserslautern, Rodenbach, Mackenbach, Ramstein-Miesenbach, Steinwenden, Niedermohr, Glan-Münchweiler
Length: 88 kilometers
Phone: +49 (6371) 406 208

The Barbarossa Bike Trail runs all across the Palatinate, from the Rhine River near the imperial city of Worms, via the Barbarossa city of Kaiserslautern to the Glan River near Glan-Münchweiler. The approx. 90 kilometers (56 miles) long bike trail crosses the beautiful and varied landscapes of the Palatinate: Starting in the Rhine Valley with its vineyards and agricultural areas it leads through the Palatinate Forest Nature Reserve towards the Westrich Plateau and the North Palatinate Hills. Only on the approximately 5 km long section in the Palatinate Forest, between the Eiswoog Lake and Alsenborn, you will have to climb some steep hills. All other parts are constantly flat routes with some moderate inclines, mainly going along forests and agricultural roads.

The namesake of the bike trail is Emperor Frederick I, known as Barbarossa, who significantly shaped the history of the Palatinate in the 12th century. In addition to numerous castle ruins, the imperial palace in Kaiserslautern, the “Kaiserpfalz”, is one of the most important testimonies to his work. The route logo depicts the stylized Emperor Barbarossa as a white figure on a red background.

The approx. 27 kilometers (17 miles) long section of the Barbarossa Bike Trail between the Vogelwoog Lake in Kaiserslautern and the train station in Glan-Münchweiler is suitable for families with children. The bike trail runs mainly off the main roads and offers a lot of interesting sights for children to discover like the Siegelbach Zoo or the historic grave of a Celtic prince and tribunal in Rodenbach. In the Ramstein-Miesenbach Union Community the cycle trail passes the Seewoog Lake recreation area in Miesenbach. This beautiful location with a playground, barbecue area, kiosk and lake terrace invites bikers to take a rest. You can take the train back to your starting point from various train stations along the trail, e.g. in Glan-Münchweiler, Niedermohr, Steinwenden and Miesenbach.

Logo Barbarossa-Radweg bike trail: white figure on red ground
Two Cyclists on Barbarossa Bike Trail

Sickinger Mühlenradweg - Bike Trail

Locally the trail leads along Ramstein-Miesenbach, Landstuhl, Weselberg, Thaleischweiler-Fröschen
Access to trail near traffic circle next to Ramstein Air Base West Gate
Length: 42 kilometers
Phone: +49 (6371) 406 208

North-south connection from Ramstein-Miesenbach via Landstuhl and the “Sickinger Höhe” (Sickingen Heights) down to the Schwarzbach valley. The bike trail has a length of 42 kilometers (26 miles), starting at the train station in Miesenbach, passing Nanstein Castle in Landstuhl, and passing numerous historic mill estates.



Logo of Sickinger Mühlenradweg bike trail: white bike on blue ground
Cyclists on Sickinger Mühlenradweg Bike Trail

Pfälzer Musikantenweg - Hiking Trail

Locally the trail leads along Reichenbach-Steegen, Jettenbach, Kollweiler, Erzenhausen, Schwedelbach, Ramstein-Miesenbach, Mackenbach
Start: Parking lot „Otto-Feick-Platz“; from here follow the signs with a white tuba on yellow ground marking the entrance trail towards the starting point “Krämel” (length: 1.6 kilometers)
Address: Herrenbergstrasse 10, 66879 Reichenbach-Steegen
Finish: Westpfälzer Musikantenmuseum, Schulstraße 10, 67686 Mackenbach
Length: 26,9 kilometers
Telefon: +49 (6374) 922 111

The “Pfälzer Musikantenweg” is a quality trail, awarded with the certificate ‘Qualitätsweg Wanderbares Deutschland’. This certificate stands for carefree hiking enjoyment. With eleven information boards along the way you will learn about the life and activity of the traveling musicians. They were an itinerant trade that developed from around 1830 in a part of the Western Palatinate that is now called “Musikantenland” (musicians’ county). Their heyday was between 1850 and the First World War. During this time several thousand musicians traveled all over the world and earned a living for themselves and their families.

The hiking route does not lead across continents, but through a varied region that invites you to relax and enjoy. It alternates between fields, forests, and meadows. Get to know the typical musicians’ villages of Jettenbach and Mackenbach – most of the traveling musicians came from these two villages. Here you will still get to see the characteristic houses of the musicians. The historic center of Reichenbach-Steegen – one of the starting points – is also worth making a detour. One of the resting spots along the route is the “Jakobsbrunnen” in the community of Ramstein-Miesenbach. The fountain was named after Jakob Koch, a former mayor of Miesenbach, who had it bored beginning of the 20th century to have a central water supply for the village. If you want to know more about the traveling musicians, you should visit the “Westpfälzer Musikantenmuseum” (Palatinate Musicians’ Museum) in Mackenbach. There the musicianship comes to life again.

Logo of Pfälzer Musikantenweg hiking trail - white tuba on blue ground
View of the village Reichenbach-Steegen
© Martin Koch

Kottonweg - Hiking Trail

Locally the trail leads trough the district of the community of Kottweiler-Schwanden.
Start/Finish: Parking lot at the community center near „Sulzbachhalle“
Address: Reichenbacher Straße 66, 66879 Kottweiler-Schwanden
Length: 16,3 kilometers

The “Kottenweg“ leads hikers through the districts of the local community and display boards explain the historical field names. Field names are the names of mountains and valleys, forests and fields, creeks or ponds and other locations outside of settlements. The same basic words often appear in compound words, such as “Dell” for ditch, derived from the Middle High German word “telle” for valley or “-hübel” derived from the common dialect word “Hewwel” for hill. The preceding determiner describes the ditch, the dell, etc. in more detail,e.g. “Heiligendell“(saints ditch).

The field names were used by the agricultural population working in the fields to define locations and to orientate themselves in fields and thus enabled clear communication. However, some of the names have been forgotten over time as the agricultural population has declined. Nevertheless, the field names together with the plot numbers are still an integral part of every official document, as far as it concerns property matters.

On the display boards hikers will find a QR code to scan to obtain English information about the field names.

Logo Kottonweg Kottweiler-Schwanden
Former school building in Kottweiler



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